In a shocking revealation, Indian Airforce officer named Anup Marwah arrested yesterday over sharing sensitive documents with Pakistan’s ISI agents on Facebook Messanger & Whatsapp. He has been charged under the Official Secrets Act.

How Indian Airforce Officer Honey Trapped by Pakistan's ISI Agents ?

Anup Marwah, The 56-year-old para-instructor currently posted at the IAF headquarters New Delhi as Joint Director (Operations) has been accused of taking photographs of ‘confidential’ defence documents and sending them via FB Messanger & WhatsApp to Pakistan’s ISI.

According to media reports, Marwaha was honeytrapped by two fake Facebook profiles by the names of Kiran Randhawa and Mahima Patel. The two accounts were deactivated by the users after Marwaha was detained by the IAF on January 31 for allegedly leaking classified information.

Marwaha was very active on Facebook and uploaded many photographs of his jumps and other non-classified exercises of the IAF, that’s the reason he caught the attention of the ISI’s Honey Trapper wing.

Few months ago, After the officer befriended with ISI agents on Facebook, they started chatting regularly on FB Messanger & WhatsApp. They allegedly even exchanged intimate messages & pictures. After gaining his trust, the agents asked the officer for classified documents. The officer shared them regularly on WhatsApp in return for obscene photos, according to media sources.

The information that he shared was reportedly on new agencies in the field of cyber warfare, space and special operations.

A senior Air Force officer discovered the massive breach a few weeks ago and set up an internal investigation. When Marwaha’s role was revealed, IAF informed the Delhi Police. After questioning him for 10 days, the counter-intelligence wing of the Air Force turned the case over to the police.

“It was a honeytrap. Initially, there were lewd chats and images exchanged with the two users. Later, this escalated to Marwaha sending confidential data through WhatsApp. We suspect he was blackmailed although he is denying this,” said an officer.

Marwaha is said to have told police that he worked in the Aerial Delivery Research and Development Division (ADRD) till March 2016. The ADRD, under the Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO), is involved in the highly sensitive airborne warning and control system for the Indian Air Force (IAF).